KeKe Wellness

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Keke Wellness Imac Mockup


The KeKe vision “is to provide a wellness therapy center with cutting edge, state of the art treatments, such as Float tanks, Cryo Sauna, Localized Cryo therapy, Infrared sauna, facials and massage and be the leader in this field.” The KeKe Wellness centre will stand apart from its competitors by offering a one-stop-shop for innovative wellness products. As part of the company launch a Shopify online booking website is required to sell products online and facilitate online bookings for services. The online store will focus on complimentary health products including skincare, essential oils, teas and remedy/energy drinks.


The Home page uses a Parallax effect on desktop where each service is “revealed” gradually as the user scrolls the site. The overall website appearance comprises a gender neutral aesthetic, placing emphasis on “technology” and “innovative” services. The design will speak to sporting professionals and a results-focused clientele. Some of the functional elements on the site include: Mailchimp integration, POS integration with CommBank (specifically the Albert technology), Online Booking system (Sesami Bookings), Sticky Navigation and Parallax scrolling effects.

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